Cost of Cancer Care

Cost of Cancer Care


We understand the stress that comes with paying for medical bills.  Depending on your insurance plan, you may be asked to for out-of-pocket costs such as co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles and non-covered services.  Listed below is the average cost for cancer care based on the cancer type.  The total average is the amount paid by Medicare for all types and places of service, cancer- and non-cancer related for a six-month episode of care.  Generally, Medicare pays for 80% of the cost.  We have identified the remaining 20% as a possible out-of-pocket cost for you.  Your out-of-pocket expenses vary depending upon your Medicare beneficiary secondary coverage (such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, etc.).  Most secondary insurance plans pay the 20% co-pay.  Coverage for oral medications is subject to your prescription plan.  You may contact the MHP Specialty Pharmacy at (734) 606-4150 to help you determine those costs.


Costs very dramatically within each of the cancer types.  The data presented is an average and should be used as a guide but not an absolute measure for each beneficiary.


Acute Leukemia $75,695 $15,139
Anal $46,141 $9,228
Bladder $15,498 $3,100
Breast $18,313 $3,663
Chronic Leukemia $45,763 $9,153
CNS Tumor $50,167 $10,033
Endocrine $34,522 $6,904
Female Genitourinary $36,221 $7,244
Gastro / Esophageal $52,327 $10,465
Head / Neck $60,598 $12,120
Kidney $41,355 $8,271
Liver $35,707 $7,141
Lymphoma $48,219 $9,644
Lung $50,241 $10,048
Malignant Melanoma $83,497 $16,699
MDS $60,259 $12,052
Multiple Myeloma $56,978 $11,396
Ovarian $40,075 $8,015
Pancreatic $45,429 $9,086
Prostate $15,731 $3,146
Small Intestine / Colorectal $43,776 $8,755


This is only an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses for patients with the same cancer type as you, but it can vary dramatically based upon hospitalization use, chemotherapy drug choice, and for illnesses and care that may not be associated with your cancer diagnosis such as a hip fracture, diabetes, etc.

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